4 Steps to help you transform your negative mindset

We’ve all heard the saying:

A negative mind won’t give you a positive life

This is quite literally true. Struggling with a negative mindset is something many of us need to overcome. It can have an unbelievable impact on ones growth and their ability to achieve their dreams.

Our mindset even helps to determine our own level of happiness. It is directly related. A mindset determines how we are able to handle challenges that come our way. It helps to guide us on our life’s journey.

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

There are essentially two types of mindsets which exist and they are a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

In those who have a fixed mindset, they tend to believe that their abilities stem directly from what they have been given from birth. Those who have a growth mindset strongly believe that they can develop their inner qualities and abilities through constant learning and growing.

Experts that have been studying the mind have concluded that nearly 80% of the 60,000+ thoughts that we have daily are negative in nature. Subconsciously, many people out there expect the worst nearly 98% of the time.

Luckily however, we can change parts of our brain and move to a more growth mindset. But how can we do this?

Here are 4 steps to transform your negative thinking

  1. Analyze your thoughts carefully. This can difficult to do at first but when done repeatedly, one can begin to observe their thoughts more objectively and can carefully recognize the emotion/anxiety that’s tied to it. Begin to untangle your thoughts and really look at them rationally. You will begin to realize that oftentimes, it’s your own negative thinking that ties such anxiety and emotion to certain thoughts.
  2. Rewire your beliefs. In step one, you carefully untangled your thoughts and analyze each one. In step two, you are consciously changing your beliefs about your thoughts/beliefs. The key to adopting a growth mindset is to cultivate positive beliefs. For example, instead of focusing on a negative situation that happened to you, ask yourself what you learned from it? How can you become better next time? What can you show others in order to avoid what you experienced?
  3. Make mindfulness meditation your daily practice. Aside from calming your nervous system, meditating daily can actually help you with the two steps above. You will begin to see the bigger picture and won’t be as stuck on the “here and now”. Old, outdated fears, habitual self-depreciation and the like, all melt away when we make meditation our daily habit. Meditation can also gradually quiet and eventually eliminate negative thinking that’s become automatic. It can also help to heal depression and anxiety.
  4. Stay focused on your why. When we focus on our “why” in life, we tend to stay on track. Problems, conflicts, and adversity all seem less relevant when we know why we are working towards something that means the world to us. Not to mention, it reminds us that we must keep going even when things don’t make sense right away. As we continue to work towards our goal, we will begin to attribute every negative circumstance to our overall growth and by utilizing the steps above, we can make it a habit to always see the good.

These steps take time to master but when we stay consistent, we can certainly make them our second nature. Stay focused on your goals, and your reasons behind wanting to achieve your goals.

Understand that bad times do not define us, It’s about the meaning we assign to them in our minds. You are always in control even when it doesn’t necessarily feel like it.

What helps you stay positive? tell me below!




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