How to improve your life in 5 simple steps

Sounds like a huge claim doesn’t it? I mean, do things like this really come that easy? you bet.

Once you’ve made a conscious deliberate decision to change your life, the rest becomes easy. All you have to do is stick with it.

When I was down on my luck, I knew I needed to make a change and quickly. I began to change different parts of my life that were no longer serving me.

Breaking bad habits was one of the toughest things I needed to do but by keeping my end goal front and center in my mind, not only was I able to do so, I was also able to replace them with better more productive habits instead.

Because I’ve been broke before, I used my desire to never go back there again to propel me to levels I never thought I could reach.

Here are some steps I took to help me improve my life.

Stop caring so much.

I should probably be more specific about this one. I’m not saying don’t care about anything at all. What I’m saying is to stop caring so much about the WRONG THINGS.

Worrying about tomorrow is only going to rob you of your today. Thinking of your past failures, the bad behavior of others, what people will think of you etc are all pointless in the end.

Holding on to your BS stories and ways of doing things in the past is screwing everything up for you.

As of tomorrow, stop caring so much.

Stop wasting your precious energy on useless topics and instead, focus that same energy on things you do want…the goals you want to achieve etc.

Stop being excessive.

Realize that there are things in your life right now that you may love that need to go. T.V. Subscriptions when you have a major deadline coming up, monthly memberships that you barely utilize that need to go, toxic relationships that hinder your growth, and really anything that else that sucks up your resources be it time, happiness, or money.

The major improvements in your life will come from taking stuff away not adding more into your life.

Learn to live within your means especially as you’re first getting established. You are not going to want to waste money on things you don’t really need when you can be instead investing it into things that are going to improve your life.

With that said, if that new Ferrari you have your heart set on is going to improve your life, man, go for it–as long as you have the means to pay for it already worked out.

Become disciplined. 

This one is huge especially for those who desire to work for themselves and/or become hugely successful. Why? because where you spend the majority of your energy, attention, and time will determine the level of success you achieve. That is a FACT.

Want to make more money? start investing in resources to help you get there.

Hate your job? leave. You are not a tree!

Overweight? Reduce your caloric intake, get some greens on your plate, and exercise.

We tend to over-complicate life more than we need to and It’s important to realize that nothing changes if nothing changes. So, start by identifying which area you want to improve, write out a plan, and become disciplined until you reach your goal.

It will all pay off, I promise.

Put your phone in airplane mode

Many of us don’t realize this but our phones are quite literally sucking up precious time out of our lives.

Now I get it that many people literally need their phone for work. What I’m saying is, learn to step away from your phone for longer periods of time in order to focus on the task(s) you want to accomplish instead.

If it helps, turn your airplane mode on and/or turn off your services except for incoming/outgoing calls and SMS. Trust me when I say this, it makes a world of difference in your productivity.

Plus, comparing yourself to others who are further along on their life’s journey on social media is only going to serve to discourage and depress you.

You’ll be surprised at what a world of difference doing this does!

Invest some money in your future.

Stop underestimating the benefits of investing for your future. We tend to worry so much about what we are going to do in the present moment or even tomorrow but fail to plan for our lives 10-15 years out.

From investing in stocks, forex, or retirement funds to personal development courses and books, you’ll want to focus not on the immediate gratification but on the long term results made through the investment.

You may not see it now but years from today, you’ll be glad you took the leap of faith and really planned out for your future.

Did these tips help you out? if so, share them with someone special in your life and leave me a comment below!



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