Three simple habits to help you become more successful

When it comes to becoming successful, one must adopt good habits in their daily routines. Simply writing our goals isn’t enough to ensure that we will achieve them.

Although there are a ton of habits which can help one become successful, I have decided to focus on my top three.

Here are 3 simple habits that will lead to more success:

1. Asking for help

We like to think that we can do it all ourselves and oftentimes hesitate on reaching out to others when we feel overwhelmed. The truth is, every successful person out there has at some point needed and asked for help.

It’s important to make it a habit to pay other people in order to help accomplish your goals faster. In exchange for compensation, you will be receiving their time, services, and skills. Some things are harder than you originally anticipate so having someone available to help out can certainly taken a load off.

2. Being uncomfortable

You’ve most likely heard the phrase,

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

This phrase basically refers to becoming “ok” with living outside of our comfort zone. When we do that, we create a plethora of new opportunities for ourselves that were once not there.

As humans, it’s normal to feel fear, doubt, and apprehension from time-to-time especially as we begin to venture off from our comfort zone. It’s important however to remember that regardless of all that, making a habit of being uncomfortable as often as possible can literally change our lives.

Do more of the things that scare you daily. Even if you feel like a failure, even if it feels scary or awkward, just go for it. In time, you will not only improve and get better, you might even like living outside of your comfort!

3. Tracking everything

This one is perhaps the most important one. If you often feel short on time or cash, It may be a good idea to begin tracking where you’re spending your money and what you’re spending your time on.

Begin writing down how much time you spend on each task throughout your day including the results from each task. Tracking your progress will help you determine which tasks are beneficial and which ones may be wasting valuable time which could be spent on something else.

Keeping track of receipts and monthly/daily spend can help you see where you’re spending your hard-earned cash. Doing this may even help you spend less in the end.

What other habits do you feel can help one become more successful? leave it in the comments below!



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